Can’t please the grannies….

The Бабушки (babushkas) or grandmothers in Russia are no joke. They rule this place. I’ve learned to dress my children warm enough to avoid the public scoldings I incurred when we first arrived. They both hate it but I’d actually rather listen to my children cry than be shamed every time I set foot outside my door. I recently forgot my baby carrier when we left the house and our double stroller hasn’t yet arrived (we anxiously await the arrival of our household effects or HHE for short). So what to do? Shove them both in the same stroller of course! I figured it was a win-win: I didn’t have to carry anyone and they’d be so warm in the stroller bag that surely I might even get a smile out of one of the babushkas. Right? Wrong. A few of the younger Russians thought the arrangement was kinda funny but the grannies’ disapproval was out in full force. I’m not entirely sure why. Perhaps it was because the baby couldn’t move her arms, though that was due to the snow suit, not the seating arrangement. Maybe it was because they looked a bit precarious. But I assure you, they were crammed in like sardines and not going anywhere. Or perhaps it was because I’d left a couple inches of her face skin exposed. At any rate, it worked so well that I did it again another day and decided that I’ll seek babushka approval another time.stroller


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