Sports lag

seahawksWe’ve given ourselves sports lag. It’s the circadian confusion that occurs when one lives overseas and wakes up at 4am to watch football games. Sports lag is particularly bad when living in northern climates in winter where the sun doesn’t rise until 10am and sets at 4:30pm. The human body stands almost no chance of escaping sports lag. When one’s team wins (GO SEAHAWKS!), the sports lag doesn’t irritate one’s mood to a significant degree. However, when one’s team loses (we still love you Oregon), emotional and mental stability are likely to plummet compounding the already disturbing effects of sleep cycle confusion.


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  1. Jo Ritter

    Kati! I love your blog! I laugh until tears run down my cheeks. Your writing give me a glimpse into your daily life and I feel closer to you. Love that you can laugh at yourself. Mom

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