Bite your tongue

One of the best things about living overseas for us has always been exploring the grocery stores. A mundane weekly task is new and exciting in a foreign country. Of course you have to rely on limited language skills, pictures on packages, and sometimes you just have to take a gamble on your purchases.  Danny found a great sausage last week and we were hoping to recreate the same dinner this week. He found a package that looked different but he was in a hurry so even though he couldn’t remember what колбаса языкa meant, he purchased it. That night we had our sausage and mustard meal on some fresh bread and though neither of us said anything, we only ate about half of what we normally would due to the extremely soft texture of the sausage. Later Danny remembered that язык (Yazeek) means “language.” So Kielbasa Yazeeka would mean…..tongue sausage…..yeah.cow tongue

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  1. jodi

    Gross! Next time take a Russian to English dictionary with you, husband’s are not to be trusted, obviously

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