Moscow 2.0

We made it! We survived the packout of our house and the long flight to the other side of the world with our two tiny humans. After almost two weeks without internet, we are finally connected to the world again and so I can begin blogging about our second round of life in Moscow. It’s been about 7 years since we were here last time and though we’ve only just arrived, our experience is already vastly different. We were very poor students living with a Russian family before and now we’re in house all to ourselves and we’ve doubled in size. We’re excited to be back and what’s even more exciting is that we will be able to afford groceries this time and even a meal out from time to time 🙂 Some bullet points to catch up on the past two weeks:

  • I used to have a baby that slept through the night. Jet lag is the worst!
  • The three year old is an absolute mess. The poor thing just is not transitioning well and has had some pretty major meltdowns when we’ve tried to venture out on the metro so we’re a bit housebound for now until we get a car and/or her sorted out.
  • Russians dress their children SUPER warm and even if there isn’t snow on the ground, snow pants are required (along with a coat, snow boots, scarf, hat, mittens). They won’t hesitate to tell you that your child is woefully underdressed. In the span of one block, three different women tried to put the hood on my toddler’s head and 3 or 4 others made comments. I told one man who made a comment about her not having a hat, “Ne hochet” which means that she doesn’t want it. He laughed and said incredulously “Ne hochet??!!” as if it should even be an option. Some Americans struggle with the communal child rearing but I actually find it kinda nice. We will work on getting her to wear gloves and hats if only to avoid the social shaming 🙂
  • The Embassy is big and well staffed. I know that we’re lucky to have a lot of great resources available to us. We’ve already been to see the doctor for the toddler’s asthma and received really good care.
  • We put our oldest in a Montessorie pre-school a couple days a week. It’s an interesting approach to education and one little girl got up early from quiet time and said to her teacher, “The other teacher told me I’m supposed to be quiet and think.” And the teacher said, “Yes, you need to sit and think. Think about why you are here.” Ummmmmnnnnn….that kid probably doesn’t use the toilet by herself and you want her to contemplate why she is in this life?! Anyway, the socialization should be good. 🙂

Poka- that means see you soon.


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